Wednesday 13 January 2016

Happy New Year

I said I would bring news etc when and where it were applicable. Have had a nice time popping up to the Session over the weekend (well done to Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay for putting on another fine convention). Saw some of you guys there and answered some your questions about the following:

Will we do it again?
It's certainly not off the cards. 
We'll have a look at how we could repeat without just re-hashing what was a great one off. Maybe an occasional lecture?

Will we start Opus Magazine again?
I was blown away at how many people have expressed this view and at how much they miss the publication. A view also expressed by those who weren't even around for the original run, but have managed to get various issues over time.

While not planning to publish a regular magazine, a different world order now, one off specials do appeal and are a possibility going forward. I am looking at putting something together to celebrate the reunion event with some contributions from those there and some interesting archive material. I'll announce this one shot when things take shape.

Will the stuff filmed on the day be available?
We're looking at the footage now and talking to all the performers. Our ambition is that some content will be made available via Revizzit (where we're planning to put all the archive Opus material eventually, link below), the reunion footage included, subject to performer approval. 

Speak soon


Sunday 20 December 2015

This time last week

More soon..

Will Hostoun
Eddie McColl
David Williamson
Peter Lamont
Paul Kiev
Guy Hollingworth

Friday 13 November 2015

Room 217

Friday the 13th! Whatever you do, stay out of room 217

Anyone familiar with Stephen King's book, not the film, of The Shining will know the reference above. (Trivia buffs can tell us why Stanley Kubrick changed the number for the film). 

We've had a few enquiries about hotels close to the venue for the Opus Reunion on Sunday December 13th. The Bloomsbury area is overflowing with places to stay but we think the Imperial group of hotels have the widest range of venues and prices. They range from around £90-120 for most rooms encompassing singles/twins/doubles.

Follow the link

They have a very easy on line portal to book and all the rooms are very well presented. You'll see by the map they are all clustered together along Southampton Row and none of them is more than 10 minutes walk away from Truckles, our venue on the day. Just follow the link below.

Things are hotting up now that we're around a month away from the day itself. Spread the word my friends. It's going to be a great day.


Monday 19 October 2015

The story so far...

I'm trying to book this guy, but it's proving hard to nail down his assistant. 

As you can see we've started a little blog so anything that comes up we can jot down here.

Just to bring you up to speed, here is a re-cap of the information as published on Magic Week over the last two weeks:

Magic Week 3rd October

Opus Magazine, which ran from 1987 - 2005, not only filled an eclectic gap in magic publishing, they also ran some of the coolest conventions and lectures for their subscribers. It's great news therefore to hear that they are firing up the machine again for what sounds like a very interesting day come December 13th this year in London.

Chris Power, one of the original Opus gang says 'With the International Magic Weekend (Ron's Day) taking a small break till 2016, it seemed like an ideal opportunity to have something going on in London for magic friends old and new. It's been really touching that when going through our 'little black book' looking for people to take part, every single one has been so positive in helping out to make this a great day'

With the likes of Guy Hollingworth, Richard McDougall, Gordon Bruce, Peter Lamont and David Williamson already being mooted, it sounds as though 13th of December is a date to put in your diary. Chris says further details will follow and the venue has just been confirmed this morning.

Magic Week 10th October

Opus Reunion: London, December 13th. Opus Magazine's Chris Power has been in touch with more information about the Opus Reunion event on December 13th: "Last week I'd just signed off on the venue and the response to the initial press release has been fantastic. I thought it would be good to let everyone know just a little more detail. The venue is Truckles of Pied Bull Yard, London WC1. This is stone's throw away from the British Museum; very central. We're aiming to kick-off at around 11 and will be gathering from 10. It's very close to Holborn Tube Station which is served by both Central and Piccadilly lines." 

Tickets for the day are strictly limited and are on a first come, first served basis. The cost is £50 until November 15th and, if any space is left, £75 thereafter. Payment can be sent via PayPal to:

If you have any questions you can get hold of Chris via the above email address. The prospective line-up looks great with Guy Hollingworth, Richard McDougall, Gordon Bruce, Peter Lamont and David Williamson all on the starting line and with more names to come. 10.10.15

  • As of today, we're starting work on the shape the day will take and chatting to each performer. The response has been great and we have already reached a third of our target. So if you have any friends who may be interested, tell them about it now to avoid disappointment. More soon, Chris